On November 22, people interested in a design-based approach to creativity will meet at locations all over the globe. They work together in teams for 48 hours to create real-world ideas which can make a difference while being linked to other jammers all over the globe. On Sunday you will publish your results to the world.

Why should I Jam?

Learn by doing.

A mentored practice in design-thinking, service-design and sustainability. Light on theory and heavy in action this 48 hour event will be your baptism of fire in field research, user interviews, team ideation and prototyping. If you are a design pro the Jam is a great way to share skills, get familiar with service design specific deliverables and use your powers for good.

Make a dozen new friends.

Enjoy the camaraderie of like minded people in our two day push to change the world. Light hearted but intense teamwork will put your through all the sweat, drama and shared sense of achievement that will cement you together. Taking part in a Jam is becaming part of a global family of dreamers and change makers landing you in good company wherever you set you foot.

Have fun!

Dedicated time. A common goal. Working together with people of diverse professional and cultural backgrounds. Creativity, improvisation and change. The emotional rollercoaster of the design proces in th heart of Budapest. Connecting with a world-wide community. Sounds loads of fun to us. Come join us!

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The world Jamming


Early riser Jammer until Nov 17 3000Ft
Saturday Jammer until Nov 17 1500Ft
Sleepy head Jammer from Nov 17 5000Ft
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Friday 16:30 Meet up and registration at MÜSZI
17:00 service design and design process intro
18:00 break
18:30 the global HQ announces the secret theme
brainstorming together
19:30 dinner break
20:00 form teams around initial ideas
Saturday 9:00 filed research briefing and ideation intro
field research, 
user interviews, observation
13:00 back at MÜSZI discuss progress
process field research insigths
14:45 prototyping intro
protype ideas,
validate prototypes,
Sunday 9:00 finalize prototype
12:45 presentation tips and best practices
prepare presentations
15:00 global deadline for uploading presentations
present solutions to eachother
17:00 feedback from pros, prizes and party!
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- (Friday to Sunday)

MÜSZI - Művelődési Szint
Blaha Lujza tér 1.
1085 Budapest

Corvin department store III. floor, entrance from Somogyi Béla street, big green door, please ring if it's closed.

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Réka Baráth
organiser, team mentor
Boglárka Baráth
Zoltán Bencz
team mentor
8s Kft
Richard Gellai
Green Meetup
Nicholas Magyar-Zimmerman
team mentor
Zsófia Rét
team mentor
Michal Ryjak
social media
Ágota Ruzsa
team mentor
SoL Institute
Szilárd Szakács
team mentor
Cason Engineering Plc.

Main sponsor

"SAP is one of the pioneers of applying design thinking. We are looking forward for the ideas coming to life using this methodology and making our world a better place."
- Markus Hilken, Director Of SAP Global Support Center Hungary

SAP has implemented several solutions using design thinking. A prime example is TwoGo, a sustainability-minded application that is used worldwide by SAP for its internal carpooling needs.